Capitol Domes

I am currently living in Santa Fe, which happens to be the state capital of New Mexico. However having also been born in Wisconsin’s state capital, Madison. I was always under the impression that capitol buildings stereotypically have an impressive looking capitol dome. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Such as here in Santa Fe.

Here are some pictures of various capitol domes from around the country:

US Capitol in Washington DC


Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison


Texas State Capitol in Austin


California State Capitol in Sacramento


Illinois State Capitol in Springfield


Now let’s look at the New Mexico State Capitol in Santa Fe:


What sets this capitol apart from the other capitols above is the lack of a majestic dome. But every capitol building is different and designed according to the states styles.


Favorite Broadway Musicals of the Modern Era

Last week I saw a college production of Spring Awakening, and I LOVED it. So I thought I would share my favorite Broadway musicals of the modern era.

Mine are Spring Awakening, Hairspray, Avenue Q, Spamalot, The Wedding Singer, The Producers, and The Book of Mormon.

What are yours?

Everybody needs Romance

For as long as I can remember, I haven’t had too much success in romance. Not that I haven’t had any girlfriends, It’s just that I haven’t really had any success in actually getting a date with someone. There has to be a girl out there somewhere for me who has the qualities I like and enjoys a lot of the same things that I do. Everybody needs romance in their lives.

Cities with little to no success in Sports Championships

One of the things that frustrates me about the sports world is that some major cities in the United States have not had ANY success in the world of sports in terms of Championships, I feel as though I would like to see every MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL team win the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Championship, and Stanley Cup at least once. Certain cities like Phoenix, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo, etc. Have had little to no success in this department. How do you feel about this.

Favorite US region


Sometimes when we watch an episode of a TV show or a movie, we see something completely stupid take place and wonder. “What was going through the minds of these writers when they made this?.” Other times when a TV show ends, you wonder why the writers didn’t bring the characters up to their full potential. Truth is, stupidity doesn’t discriminate. Meaning that even the most idiotic of people tend to be put in such important positions such as the writer of a TV show or a movie.

That’s why we have fan fiction.

People write fan fiction because it brings out the wildest imaginations of the fans. They can bring full circle romantic relationships that had been hinted at in the series. they can make already established episodes even better than the original. They can even raise the stakes in how intense the adventure would be that usually wouldn’t be as intense.

The question is: Can fan fiction usually better than the original material?

What do you think?